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Taxes in Panama

One of the reasons why Panama is a great choice for business formation is a low tax rate which is one of the lowest in all of the world. Panama does not belong to the classic “offshore” jurisdictions, since taxes are levied on a territorial basis, that is, only income received from a source in Panama is taxed. Consequently, companies operating and receiving income outside Panama are exempt from taxation.

What are the taxes

The only tax such companies pay is the Annual Corporate Franchise Tax (or “tasa unica”), which is levied in a fixed amount:

The only tax such companies pay is the Annual Corporate Franchise Tax (or “tasa unica”), which is levied in a fixed amount:

Three main taxes in Panama are as follows:

Corporate income tax

One of the main taxes that business entities are required to pay is on the profits of legal entities. Resident enterprises are required to pay a fee to the budget on all profits from their entrepreneurial activities.

Withholding tax

Payable when distributing dividends. The base rate of this tax is 10% (for registered shares), 20% (on bearer shares) 5% (for companies in free zones)


VAT is a mandatory indirect consumption tax. The only exceptions are certain goods and services that have a preferential settlement regime. The standard VAT rate in Panama is 7%. Learn about taxes Panama is considered as a “tax haven”. Many businessmen and investors have a company in this South American Republic. Learn about taxation and tax rate in Panamanian jurisdiction. Tax in Panama

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If you have a company in Panamanian jurisdiction, it is mandatory to do accounting and complete all taxation rules according to Panama laws. Our experts also offer bookkeeping solutions, please read more information about accountancy below.

Tax system

The territorial division of taxation applies not only to personal income but also to company income. Therefore, income tax in Panama is paid only by local companies and employees who are employed by Panamanian resident companies making a profit in Panama.

The tax year in Panama is the same as the calendar year and ends on December 31st.

You will be considered a resident of Panama if you spend more than 183 days in the country in a calendar year.

If you receive income in Panama, the income tax will be calculated as follows: the first $ 11,000 is exempt from tax, income from $ 11,001 to $ 50,000 is taxed at a 15% rate. Income over US $ 50,000 is taxed at a rate of 25%.

Individuals also receive a basic tax deduction of $ 800. Interest paid on mortgages in Panama is also tax-deductible up to $ 15,000 per year. All medical expenses in Panama that were not covered by insurance are also deducted from taxes.


Direct tax

Direct tax is one that is assessed on an individual (legal or natural) or property (i.e. real and personal property, livestock, crops, salaries, etc.) as distinct from the transaction tax.

Indirect tax

An indirect tax is a tax imposed by an agent (such as a retail store) on a person who carries the ultimate economic tax burden (such as the consumer). Subsequently, the intermediary issues a tax return and returns the tax proceeds to the nation.

Net income

In any of the aforementioned groups, net income is calculated on all total earnings earned over the fiscal year and decreased by revenue-related expenditures for the same time. Losses from one of the seven types of basic income (except capital investment) should be entirely compensated against positive income from another category of income (exceptions which apply to other income').

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