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Holding company in Panama

One of the most popular types of holding companies in the offshore holding company. Its main difference lies in the opening abroad. There is a large list of states that are considered optimal for opening a foreign holding due to a loyal tax policy. One of these countries is Panama, which is ranked # 1 in Central America for this indicator. The local government has created the most favorable conditions in this part of the planet for the successful development of the holding business. Let’s consider what are the conditions for creating such a company in Panama, as well as what business development proposals may be most interested in entrepreneurs.

Setup a holding company

We will help you to open a holding company in Panama, our specialists have extensive experience and knowledge about holdings companies. With us, the process of opening a holding will be simple and fast.

Procedure and requirements

First of all, it should be noted that to maximize the benefits, the procedure for opening a holding company in Panama, as in other offshore zones, should be entrusted to competent specialists with a solid stock of knowledge and experience in conducting such operations. It should also take into account some of the features of offshore holding companies in this country, among which the most important are such as:


Get a bookkeeping solution with our help. We will take care of all the paperwork and business accounting.

Bank account​

After the successful founding of a company, we will help open a bank account in Panama.


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Other types of companies

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