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When a company develops, it becomes necessary to work not only in its own country, but also to have a separate subdivision that is capable of performing its functions in part or in full. In fact, businessmen around the world are interested in opening a branch of their branch company in Panama.

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Choosing the right legal form is a responsible task and requires a lot of knowledge and experience about each type of legal entity. Our team of experts has a lot of experience in this field and helps with legal services on daily bases.

Conditions and resposibilities

If the parent company is incorporated in Panama: opening a branch simply requires notification from the Ministry of Economy. If the head office is registered in another country, the applicant must submit an application on behalf of the parent company for permission to start a business in Panama.


The branch cannot be declared bankrupt, and the parent company is fully responsible for all of its actions.


The branch manager must be issued a power of attorney from the parent company to act on behalf of the parent company.


The branch is not a separate legal entity from the parent company and its results are immediately accepted by the head office, which is responsible for complying with all legal and tax obligations.

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